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    Quote Originally Posted by dillie1 View Post
    Thank you so very much. I love it. Hope you get some sleep. Here it is Frigid--totally opposite of you!
    i'm new to this do you sell your templates? if so how do you go about it?

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    At the moment I am giving my templates/kits as freebies, I hope to have my store up and running sometime in the very near future, but will still be offering some items as freeebies, either templates, kits or embellishments. I do have a blog, where I have freebies also. I generally post items both here at SBM and at my blog, but some items are on my blog only. You are welcome to grab anything on the site. Am putting all my efforts into the store site at present so not doing as many kits, graphics etc at the moment, but once it is up and running I will be able to put more time back into creating kits, templates, etc. Enjoy.
    All the best from Nanny Bernie.
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    thanks nannybernie, im getting organised now to be ready to scrap in winter, its just too hot now lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by memphisfran View Post
    I made page of my niece's little boy, and his dog, he insisted to be called Peter!

    See what you think! Thanks, I thought this was adorable. Hope it was okay I changed just a couple things to make this "right".
    Change away MemphisFran, those little changes are what put your own signature on your layouts. Well done... gorgeous little man there, a boy and his dog, what better topic...


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