It sounds like Santa had a very busy Christmas eve this year judging by all the gifts that were received. Wolvsie, the best gift of all was good health for you this Christmas. Keep it that way in 2010.

The best part of my Christmas for me was to enjoy the grandkids playing together. My daughter-in-law just sent me 95 pictures, so I am sure I can share some new layouts in the future. Would you like to see the reindeer ears on me or my hubby???? I did find out that taking a 3 year old to church is not a very good idea unless he can lead the children's choir with his hands.

I have been following the snow in the midwest, but I am so glad Pennsylvania only had to deal with rain this time around. The rain washed away all the blizzard from the week before.

Keep sharing all the joy of Christmas. It is good to hear the stories.