I am trying to finalize a Lifebook project I have been working on all year to give for Christmas. I have two photos I would like to have on the final page. The beginning and the current. I have tried to extract the current photo which looks like it should be easy to me but I can't get rid of the closer inner dark edges around the hair. Does anyone have time to help me with this? I have attached a small file size of the photo. I hope it is good enough to be able to print good on a 12x12 page. I can upload the photo to 4shared if the larger file size is needed. I would appreciate any help and suggestions so very much. I have not decided on the final page if I will do overlay or emboss of the back photo. You gals/guys are so talented I would love your opinion, which do you think? I lean towards the overly because it is more visible for my parents but I am not sure I have it as good as it can be so suggestions there would be great.