How can I add pictures from the Web to my scrapbook?

There are two ways to do this (these instructions are for Internet Explorer, the method may vary slightly with other Web browsers):
  1. Right-click on the picture in your Web browser and select "Save Picture As..." and save the image onto your computer (usually "My Pictures" is a good folder to save to.) Then from Scrapbook MAX! select Object > Photo... from the menu bar and locate the file that you saved.
  2. Click and hold the left mouse button on your mouse on top of the picture in your Web browser and drag it onto your Scrapbook MAX! page. Then let the left mouse button go. You will be prompted as to how you want to add the image. Note that if the picture is a link (if you click it it goes somewhere else) this method will not work. It will only work if the picture is not a link.