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    Dillie, your stuff is very neat-o!!!! Tanni...your stuff turned out great...and Free Spirit....Love what you did with the paper...Thanks for sharing them...We are getting a great kit together here...No one will want to win mine..LOL..

    Ok, making papers in SBM can be tricky and I am sure there are MANY ways to make I will tell you how I make them...Here is one way...

    Open up a new blank page...Pull up the color swatch and leave it off to the side of your working on the background icon (3rd paper one), then click on color,and when the palette comes up, click on more colors to get the eye dropper tool...this way you can click on one of the colors from the ok..Now you can go from there and add shapes, elements, etc...change those colors, blend in text, add corners...whatever you want to do...

    You can always pull in one of my papers from another challenge and recolor them to match the color swatch....Unfortunately you can't use the color picker for that, but you can use the Hue and Saturation to get it close to the swatch...and Go from there...Hope this helps some...

    Dingbats work awesome for elements too...
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