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    Default warm welcome^^

    Hi everyone,
    Sorry to sound like the blonde I am, but was working and meeting new people,
    when computer froze, and I had to get completely out and back in,
    after swearing no more new games after Farmville, YoVille, Mafia and Cafe,
    here I find myself at Farm Town and happy to be here.
    Am looking for someone that was kind enough to let me plow (before the freeze),
    and all I know is Aussie Kim. If you read this post, pls find me!
    Again, glad to be here and thanks to all!
    La mutuelle familiale de France |
    Devis mutuelle familiale des cheminots fr |

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    Nov 2009
    Parker, Colorado

    Default SEATTLE! Best place ever!

    Hi there! I'm from Seattle too, well, I used to live there a few years ago and miss it terribly. I am in Colorado's okay. it's NOT Seattle though!

    I am new to digital and bought some expensive photo editing software that was supposed to do scrapbooks too, but it was too complicated. This is the first software that I found that does everything and exactly what I want it to do. It's more than just templates. You can really customize everything. Plus, when you get the real version, there is some tropical stuff in there that would be good for your books.

    I used to be a paper and scissors scrapper, but it took up way too much room, too much to carry to crops, you never had exactly the right paper or stickers or whatever..the color wasn't right, etc. This is fabulous software. Have fun!

    Shiloh aka MissSeattle70


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