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Thread: N1H1 flu uggg!

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    Quote Originally Posted by D.Abozy View Post
    have any respiratory meds you do or have taken ready - just in case.

    Sorry - relax was the wrong word. Just try not to stress too much.

    Um... have you had flu - genuine influenza previously?
    no, I have never had a genuine influenza that I know of.

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    I have never had a flu jab before but am this year and after reading this hope it's soon. I always get offered it because of working with vulnerable people but am put off by people telling me they get a heavy cold etc afterwards. Tamiflu is free here but am concerned it is being prescribed for people who probably don't need it.As they are trying to keep people away from surgeries they are diagnosing and prescribing for Swine flu over the phone. I can understand why but worrying too.My hubby got prescribed it for manflu!
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