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...it took me like ever to read this challenge all the way through...and then I reread it again to make sure I got everything straight...was ready to just print it up...lol...J/k...Wonderful challenge...and I will try to make something for this...
Yeah, well, that's just due to the obligatory legal stuff blah blah details details blah blah blah that ya have to include of course LOL!

LOVIN' these pages!

nannybernie, that is an AWESOME idea for your layout! So true, so true, cancer does not discriminate!

tanni, what a BEAUTIFUL tribute to your sister! Hope she is doing well now! What font did you use on your layout? It looks familiar but I just can't think of it.

Everyone, c'mon, join in the challenge! Even those who have already won in the past couple months... because I might just have a little something for you at the end of the challenge, too.