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    Question Need Help Publishing Images for 2.0

    the 2.0 version is slightly different from the instructions that are on the SBM website for publishing images.

    It shows "preset" which I can click FULL SIZE, thats not the problem...

    then it shows JPG, PNG, TIF under IMAGE, and for QUALITY under JPG (i assume thats what we'll be using) it automatically sets to 90..when i try to set it to 100 (b/c it says to select the highest quality on the SBM website) it goes to some totally different setting and changes where I inputted FULL SIZE...

    is choosing JPG at 90 going to print nice quality 12x12 prints or do i need to do it another way? HELP!

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    There is virtually no quality difference between JPG 90 and 100, however your file size will increase dramatically. For comparison, your digital camera likely uses JPG 80 for its compression setting.
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