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    Exclamation Help? New Computer? Moving Published Files?

    I have had SM for about 2 years now and use it often. I just bought a new laptop with the intentions of using it solely for my Scrapbooking.

    The problem is that on my old desktop I have tons of published files on the SM program and I want to be able to access them on my new laptop.

    Is there any way to transfer my published scrapbooks to the new computer?

    I have already installed my SM program on my new laptop.


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    Do you have a external drive or flashdrive? Just copy the files you want unto it and then to your new computer.

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    Default help

    I have a thumb drive, what do I copy and then where do I put it on my new computer? My computer skills are very limited so please step by step would be wonderful!

    I have tried to copy the "Published" folder onto the Thumbdrive and then put it in the new computer's SM Published files folder there... but when I go through the program and try to access these, it is like they aren't there. No name, no option, no images.

    I can see them through an external search through documents and can open the images to view them but it isn't letting me access them (and edit) them in SM.


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