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    Default Please refresh my memory...

    OK, Ive been MIA for a month or so and am finding myself having to relearn certain parts of SBM...aint that a shame??? Anyways, I have templates, papers, embies, etc. in my documents and would like to ADD them to the sbm gallery...stretch my library, if you will. Please remind me how to do this!!! I have the extract now d/l'ed already. Some of the ones I click on says "Already there" Im assuming those are safe...but how do I move new ones from docs to SBM??? Yes, Im going to write this down!!! Thanks,


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    Let's see..I think I understand this..

    If you wish to put your items in SBM files..simply go to your computer main drive..usually C: drive..

    Look for Program Files
    Go to Scrapbook Max
    Go to Gallery
    Go to Images
    Go to either embellishments..etc..then create a folder or put your new goodies in which ever folder you like..

    Hope that helps.. If not..please add more info!!



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