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    Default Weekly Challenge 73 ~ Your Name in Letters

    Dig out all those alphabets you've not gotten around to using as you may well need them this week

    Take the letters of your name and for each letter give us an adjective that represents you (example F-familyfocused I-impish O-openminded N-naughty A-artistic)

    it can be your real name or your screen name would be nice if you added pictures to your page that represented some of the adjectives that you listed.


    1) make a page using your name (or another family member/friend) taking teh letters of the name and using adjectives to represent that person.

    2) upload the pages to gallery and link or place the image in this thread

    3) all pages to be uploaded by Sunday 18th August

    an example of an adjective page is attached

    have fun
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