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    Default Aug Designer Challenge - Hosted by Angelwithin

    HAPPY AUGUST EVERYONE! Oh I just LOVE the month of August!

    This month our challenge will be given by the lovely and talented FIONA, aka Angelwithin.

    Take it away girl! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us!!!
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    Heehhheee...had to wake her up this morning ..poor thing..then I gave her a project to work on..Bless her!! She'll be in shortly I'm sure..Keep the coffee warm!!

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    *blinks at the bright sunshine streaming through the curtains*

    Hey! Where's Fiona and that coffee! Er, challenge. Uh, coffee challenge. Yeah, yeah, it's Saturday. Whatdya expect?


    *sits back and waits for Fiona*

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    Default One Month at a Time

    i'm here...slightly hungover but here all the same lol

    One Month at a Time

    as this is a month long challenge this is a 12 page challenge

    this month challenge is to choose a member of your family, maybe yourself, husband, child, cousin, generation etc (or maybe you would like to use the local scenery or your garden as the subject) and make a calander using them as the focal point/subject

    some ideas i have for you are:

    Scrap your subject from birth upwards - each month depicting a different age

    Scrap a bride to be for the year leading up to their wedding

    Scrap a family history - each month a different branch of the family or a different generation

    Scrap your garden thoughout the seasons

    Scrap 12 major life events (birth, first day at school, sporting achievements, prom, engagement, wedding, birth of children etc)

    which ever subject you decide to choose is up to you really you can upload the pages as you make them or the whole 12 in one hit....that again is up to you

    if you can please share any templates you make whilst doing this challenge

    btw once you've completed this challenge, you could start printing the pages, using a binder put them together and you have an extra special christmas/birthday/anniversary gift ready made

    happy scrapping!!!
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    If I chose my son, it could just be any twelve pictures right? Or if I did one for my Mom I could different subsets of our family on each page right trying to think of what I could do 12 pages of...one at a time seems easy I don't know about 12 at a time.

    If you have the school content pack there is a school calendar in there I am sure you could adapt that to a "regular" calendar has anyone done it?

    Otherwise, I really need a template to get my creativity flowing...any samples of ones you've done in the past...ok sorry it's me the newbie again!

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    Default Donna Young has calendars in SBM store

    Just thought I would share that Donna Young in the SMB store has calendars some might be interested in using...



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