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    Default Creating Embellishments using Photoshop

    OK as promised, here's a little video tutorial on how to create and use your own embellishments. I've repackaged it as a "pack and show" file which means you can just double click it to play the video even if you have no video player installed on your PC. To view the video click here, save the file to your computer, and then double click on the file to play the video. It doesn't install or change anything on your system and will playback on any PC.

    Note: This tutorial uses Photoshop but the same workflow applies to any graphics editor. Please excuse the video quality but I wanted to make this video file as small as possible for quick downloading. I've also attached the photo used in this tutorial to this post if you would like to follow along with the video. If you have any questions let me know, I'm happy to assist anytime. Enjoy!
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