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    ME TOO if it is still available...glad you brough this thread up Linda...I got a bunch of goodies!
    Dina AKA MemphisFran

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    Just wanted to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all you wonderful ladies for your freebies and templates . . . I've just learnt how to use them and am having soo much fun with them . . . PicknGrin, last night I did 2 LO's with your template. . . ok, so the 2nd one didn't stay the same very long, cos I needed to add more pics, but that doesn't matter, it was the stepping stone that got me started >grin< . . . Just wanted to say THANK YOU SOOO VERY MUCH!!! . . . I'll post my LO's a little bit later . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by pickngrin View Post
    Another one. Saw this one in another magazine.

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    This really sounds fun...WOW...ok I have one question...are we to show the sketch we found as well? Or just place our sketch here and the layout we did from it? Maybe a dumb look who we are talking too...lmbo!

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