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Thread: MIA for awhile

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    Ops, Wolvsie honey, I forgot to give you a send off! Sorry. Hope you're having a groovy time (showing my age)!!!

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    You guys are all so wonderful and sweet...I had an awesome time..Hated to come home, especially the
    I went and did some shopping in these cabin places...Up north they have so many country shops that carry bears, moose and so many other little animal critter stuff...I was in seventh heaven since most of my house has the cabin decor...I might have over done it, but how many times do I get up there?
    We also experienced a nasty thunderstorm...Had two storms on each side of us, and they collided together right above us...I have photos, but one minute it was light out and the next is was so dark....I am a storm lover, and was outside taking photos, while everyone was inside yelling at me to come
    I had one embarrassing moment that I can look back at now and laugh...But we stopped on the way home in a city called Winttenburg, Wi ( I think thats the anyways, there was a new little casino built there, and thought we'd stop and chance our luck...about an hour into gambling, I got a call on the cell, but missed it...Couldn't hear it ring in there with all the noise...So I went outside to call home...There is a cement slab in front of the doors and off to the side, there was muddy grass with a garbage can...I walked over to the side to get out of the wind, when my Nueropathy kicked in, and I couldn't feel my left leg from the knee to my down I went knees first...Now mind you, my butt was facing the cement in front of the doors for all to see...I couldn't get up for the life of me...I even used the garbage can for some leverage, well that almost fell on top of me...I saw a group of people walking up to the door, but you think any of them would help? Heck no!! I finally forced myself up...Pants all muddy, there I stand trying to get my posture back...When this security gaurd comes out to ask if I was ok...I guess the group of people told them I fell...Or I was digging for gold!!! Who I said I was fine...which I was...I was more embarrassed then anything....
    But now I look back and remembered all them people saw was ***, so who knows what they thought or said to the gaurd...LMBO!!!!!!!!!! I did win $200, so I it all worked out in all, I had fun.
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    Wolvsie....Too Funny....and I am Sure it wasn't funny at the time!!! People are so Rude Now Days!!! You Could Have Hollered Stop!!!! I Lost a Contact!!!!

    Glad you Had a Good Time Girl!!!! Glad Your Back Home Safe Too!!!

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    Glad ya had a good time Shell, you deserved it

    My Bud's 'R' Marion, Verleen and Jormanoy
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    Too right you were owed a good time xxxx
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    Glad you had a good time. You deserved it.

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