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    Not the best of news but great in that you don't have to have the surgery, even though Im not here a lot I love you all and my thoughts and prayers are with you..PK doll you know how much I love you and how much I'm praying for you..God never makes mistakes and as hard as it seems now, everything will work out for everyone..there is power in the prayers of the SBM family. Love ya all
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    Thanks Liz and Jazz...I don't want to be a preacher or anything like that....But I truly believe that we all have a purpose here in this big world and things happen to each of us for a reason...Look at everything I have gone through in my life, I am still here and very thankful...Sure, my life might not be easy...But we all deal with different things..Anything from stress, divorce, death, sickness, financial issues... the list goes on and on...I sit down and wonder "why me?", but I also know there are people out there dealing with something much worse then me...and feel thankful for what I DO HAVE...I can still walk (well most of the, I still have my sight and my speech, etc..Some people don't have these things...So I am grateful and thank God everyday that I am still here...alive and kicking...<wink>
    Just something to think about...

    So I send my prayers to everyone dealing with whatever it is that they might be dealing with right now..But eventually, things will get better...I will always keep my friends here at SBM in my prayers...I have grown close to many members here...and like Jazz and others have said already...I consider you all my friends...Cyber or not...((HUGS))
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    You are absolutely right Shell. When life hands ya lemons forget lemonade, make a pie! I can thank God everyday and I do. I believe Emily is the reason I was born. I had a 4 hour meeting yesterday about Ian to get his disability medicaid in order so he can go to Utica to get all of his testing done to see where on the scale he fits so we can start treating him. I talk to moms every day who have children with disabilities and alot of them are far worse off than I. Emmy may not be able to see good or hear but her heart is perfect. Ian may be a handful but he has his health. Nothing in life is worth more than a few tears, not even death, because if you celebrate a life there can be no death. Always find something to laugh at and you can never be sad for long. Emmy and Ian both make me laugh all day everyday even when I wanna of them will do something goofy and I forget what made me angry in the first place. Know something else? Lemon pie sure does taste good!

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    So much going on, so much to be sad about and yet so much to be happy about. Life is a strange thing.

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