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    I am so lost with what to say.God must have given you strength and he chosed you for these special children.You are such a good mother.If I lived closer I would help you out.You are so full of love.My prayers will always be with you.

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    Oh my you do have alot to deal with. Many prayers and love going your way.
    I have a ten year old who was born with spina bifida nuero tube defect he eats the flesh of his feet and toenails too we have a very hard time keeping his feet from getting infection he also chews on his fingers. The school has gotten a computer for him to use there as he has very poor fine motor skills. He recieves some theropy thru school. His eating is good for what he eats he has reflux and if he doesn't like the texure of the food he won't eat it or make himself throw up.
    he will not even touch hamberger! So I can relate to some of what you say. I don't know how you do it with three I feel like I'm going nuts just having to deal with one child with medical problems. If you need to find and thing out about autisim pm autisticwonder she has I think older twin boys who are autistic she has posted some info on one of her post awhile back I'm sure she would give you what ever info she has.

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    We are all here for you xxx
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