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    Default Embellishments: Custom Shapes 0-9

    Here are some more custom shapes that I made. This time they are numbers! I had a few design difficulties with these, but they will still work. You wouldn't believe what a pain curvy numbers are! Number 2 is not my favorite and I couldn't make up my mind on the 6's or the 9's. Now that I have used up all my braincells .... it's back to boxes!

    The Squeak_Shapes_08 should install to your custom shapes > objects directory. They are named:
    Squeak_6 a-d
    Squeak_9 a-d

    To use them, select a picture or paperscrap, right click and choose properties. Select Custom Shape > Change Shape > Objects, then scroll down to the Shape you want to use and select it. After you click OK, the program will apply the cutout to your picture or scrap. If the picture doesn't fall correctly inside the custom shape, you can crop the picture to help it look better inside the shape. Enjoy!
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