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    Clarification and correction to my post above: (thanks MommaBird for pointing this out) - you cannot get transparency in Photo Brush.

    You can erase the background of a photo using Photo Brush's selection tools, but... it requires a couple of steps: select what you want to keep, copy to the clipboard the Floater that the selection tool creates, make a new Photo Brush file and paste the Floater... but the resulting new file has white where you might want to have transparency.

    That's not a problem when this new file is brought into Real Draw, because you can apply transparency to the white in RD... but the upshot is that it's a multiple-step process.

    There are no corresponding set of selection tools in Real Draw, other than the little-known Color Transparency picker in the top toolbar, which is a combined magic wand selection + instant transparency tool.


    P.S. MommaBird's excellent point in post #10 is something I never thought of. I don't know why, because Corel PhotoPaint falls over all the time, and that was one of the reasons I went with Photo Brush in the first place!

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    And to clarify the clarification, RealDraw does remove backgrounds. There are four ways of doing it...

    1) Global transparency. Anything white will automatically be remove. Just have to make sure there is no white you want to keep in the image.

    2) Trace the image. Great for changing black and white to vector shapes that can be totally manipulated.

    3) Eye drop in regular mode for quick and fast removal.

    4) Eye drop in paint mode, where you can erase larger areas with continous clicks.

    Now that you are totally confused and overwhelmend....

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