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    Her's another something new.. and a laugh to go with it!!!
    My dear sweet husband is not really into computers and only just learned how to check email ( not that its hard to learn but he just wasn't interested in anything computer) so anyway he say to me yesterday at dinner - "What's your Luscious Lemon?"
    "huh??" I say
    "your luscious Lemon!" he repeats
    "Why?" I ask confused not recollecting it was what I called this template.
    ""Well " he said "I checked the emails ( Proud of himself) and it said your Luscious Lemon is approved"

    ROFL I had to explain it was my template and SBM sends designers an approval email when work is accepted into the store....
    I just added that I hope his email exploration wasn't "soured" by this experience with a Lemon!..
    and he says He hopes it's "Not a Lemon" (in Australia that means a dud,%2
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