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Thread: Photoshop

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    I use corel paintshop photo prox2 but have older versions also that I still use and soon want to join grannys group with the real draw program but for now I love psp x2 .

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    All of these are great programs. One will have something the others don't and vice versa. Paint Shop Pro has been fundamentally the same since version 8 (the last version released by Jasc before being acquired by Corel.) Corel also acquired all the Ulead products which were strong products, as well as Painter which was originally Metacreations. PSP, as it is called, will do about anything you need. If you can find Photoshop 7 still out there, that was the last version before they started the C1, C2, etc. That was and is a very strong version of Photoshop. I also have GIMP and it is a powerful, free program, but you might want to invest in a book since it is not as intuitive as the others.

    And what can we say about RealDraw? Mediachance, the maker of RealDraw is fantastic and handles vector and bitmaps. And you have the other benefit of joining Granny's site for practically the price of the software and getting the benefit of her tutorials and freebies!!! Really can't be beat, especially with the new version just being released. Her site is

    Good luck with whatever you choose!

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    I forgot to add, the same company that makes RealDraw also makes PhotoBrush which is a powerful program more into photo editing. They have a 30-day download of this as well. This is a fully functional copy, no watermarks and such.

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    Mommabird, thank you for the plug...

    Here is an upgrade on PhotoSeam. Oscar has just released Pattern Studio 5. It is not simply an upgrade to PhotoSeam, it's an incredible texture editor. The program looks just like RD, but it creates seamless textures from bitmaps (photos) or vectors (scratch). It is totally incredible. And if you have RD5.2, you can get Pattern Studio for only $25. After the introuductory period, the price will be $68.

    If you're serious about being a designer or want to make your own papers, textures, backgrounds, etc, I highly recommend this.

    Here is a link to the product page and trial version. Be sure to watch the videos to see how powerful this program is.

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