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    Hi, I am very new to digi scrapping and just wondering if ne1 cld help me w/this...I see all these wonderful layouts using what looks like "rolled up paper" around the edges. Sometimes they are scrolled edges, sometimes torn and folded in where the backside of the paper is showing... is this actual paper that is found or are there "cutters" that make up this look so you could use different papers?? And does ne1 know where I can get them??
    I can't even tell you how many stores I have visited but maybe I am not putting in the "right key words"...
    thanks a bunch....

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    Those page curls or page folds are made with other software, various graphic programs and sometime using plugins (software called from another program that does specific functions). I don't know what software you have, but the effect can be done with a multitude of software packages.

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