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    I've been busy with kids schedules and doing the school newsletter online. Sorry. I do peek in and check out everyone's pages and usually comment but other than that I'm doing too much on here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granny View Post
    Have a special week of activities in our congregation. Gave me a good excuse to clean the house, put up the new curtains that have been sitting in the closed for a year, fixed the toilet, cleaned the porch... I'm dead. Sat at the computer last night, but was commatose. Did not get much done. Oh, yes, I took Tigger to emergency. Got into another cat fight. He does this about every 3 months. Had a bad injury in his shoulder. They had to open it, drain it, blaaa blaaa blaaa! The darn cat now owes me $700. Going to kill him as soon as I get some energy. The temperature here has been in the 100s for over a week.

    So, don't expect a lot from me, please. Hope every one else is ok.

    This one had me laughing out loud, well not the part about the cat getting hurt (bless his heart) but the part about you killing him, lol. I have a girl cat that does that every other night. She thinks she is a cougar or something. We used to take her to the vet alot and now she has gotten tougher so she usually wins her fights. We tried keeping her in the house but she wanted no part of it.

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    Ok, ok, I won't kill him as soon as I get some energy... I'm going to wait until he gets cured. Then....! Wammmm!!! Another one bites the dust!

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    I've just returned from spending the day with my DiL & three grandsons so I'm whacked.
    Football (soccer) on the TV so I'm heading off to bed with my book.

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    So it's u lot clogging up the network! No wonder I keep geting kicked off !
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