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    Default Drop Shadow

    I am sure this has been brought up before, but if the drop shadow was editable, that would make it very useful. If you turn a picture or embie upside down, the drop shadow does not follow the positioning. If it could be editable as relates to transparency, size, and positioning, that would be very helpful.

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    Hmmmm......I think my shadows follow the light source. If I put a shadow on a frame, then turn the frame upside down, the shadow stays at the bottom right no matter which way I turn it. Is this what you mean? I know it's not editable, like I can't make it a lighter or darker shadow.

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    I was thinking about this....what about maybe 3 degrees to the shadow as well, so you can make one embie "stand out" from the page more than the next....maybe short, medium and long?
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    Default Drop Shadows

    I agree that it would be very helpful to edit the shadow. If the layout always has the same light source, it's no problem the way it is, but cards and folding layouts don't work well unless the shadow can be reversed.

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