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    Default Hello, I'm new to digital world

    Hello, I'm new to this digital scrapbooking. Does anyone know of a place to turn these fun pages into a bounded book? I've looked on line at a few places but they have their owm templates and you drag/drop photos onto them. I'm working on a family tribute album for my mother-in-law. My Scrapbook Max program is making it so easy! I would really like to see the finished project in book form on her coffee table.
    Thanks in advance for any advice you may be able to send my way.
    Jillayne (aka-newbie)

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    Default Jillayne Check out this thread

    Hope it helps!

    And welcome to the forum!

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    Welcome to SBM honey and good luck with your family album. I am also part way through one of my own and it is so hard to know when to stop and finish it. Worth it though.

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    A very big welcome
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