thanks you are kindest...
in the first place I ask excuse for my English, I am Italian and I have acquired the program in 2007.all it worked perfectly well with my old PC with system win xp, then the past month I have acquired a new PC with Vista system and once installed, the program is opened and seemed all normal , but in the moment in which, after to have open a document, I try to insert photo, embellishments and to make other from the menu instruments, error is opened and the program is closed interrupting every action.

this is this that appears like error:

dax error
access violation at address 033A2B60. Write of address 00000006

every time the numbers change

from the main menu no message but automatically closes the program

this is the answer:

We haven't been able to replicate the error on our end, so unfortunately it's not possible to offer a solution yet.

With a bit more information, we may be able to help you further. Can you please tell me:

What steps are you using to add embellishments and photos to your page? (e.g., Are you choosing Object> Photo (etc.) in the menu, clicking on the icons, or dragging and dropping from outside the program)?

Does the error message occur if you try using all of the above methods, or only one?

with the old PC I have installed the program newly and works very well

I have nearly impression that is the system to block but what I do not know.

I try makes to understand me better

when loaded the photo to insert opens a card that with old the PC it opened folders, now charge nothing and does not appear the written one of error as mentioned above written