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    Default It's a sunny day here in Jax, FL Hello!

    Hello all! I am a photographer by hobby and have thousands of old family photos that I am scanning and digitally organizing. Thought this program might be a great way to do a quick scrapbook for each catergory and distribute to family as I go along.

    I am looking forward to the predesigned layouts for quick distributions as well as the fact that they seem easy to create from scratch.

    Any suggestions on downloadable predesigned scrapbooks as well as embelishments would be appreciated!

    Looking forward to reading through the threads!

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    Smile Welcome!

    I'm pretty much of a newbie so most of the info you need will come from others but I wanted to to welcome you to Scrapbook Max! It's a great program - I finally started to digi scrap after I downloaded the trial version.

    When you have questions it's a good idea to post your thread in the Discussion area - that's where the really knowledgeable people will respond to specific questions, etc.

    In the meantime, welcome and enjoy!

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