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    I do too. have a few that I made with backgrounds from my own photos, but they are to big to post. and being the dummy that I am, I don't have a clue how to make them that much smaller... I have my camera set on very high quality, cause of all the grands and great grands. Mickey

    Mickey (Helen Miller)

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    THIS is GREAT!! Thanks so much!!

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    what is a .smt file and how do I open it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ohiosunshine View Post
    what is a .smt file and how do I open it?
    an smt file is a template file that when opened will load into your ScrapBookMax program. Click on the smt link, this will open a screen asking if you wish to open or save, to download directly into your SBM program choose open, this will then ask if you wish it to be in SBM1 or 2 if you have both programs. It will then download into the appropriate directory and you can access this from inside your SBM program. The same procedure is followed if this was a smb file, which is a file that has a mix of papers, embellishments, backgrounds, shapes that will download directly into your appropriate folders in the SBMax program, so you can make your own layouts using these from the desktop, under the appropriate tab, (paperscraps, backgrounds, embellies etc.) hope this helps, not always sure I explain things clearly enough.
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