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    I was very surprised to find out that Scrapbook Max doesn't allow me to add a simple frame to a picture. I would use this feature A LOT.

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    You can add frames to pictures. Click on the red heart and search for the frame you want to add in the embellisments provided in the kits on the left or click Browse at the bottom and go to the folder where your frame is that you want to use.

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    You will, can and should use frames a lot. There are so many ways to do it is hard to know where to start. You can do it like O2BNGdHope said very nicely and easily thru embellishments. You can do it with shapes which is my favorite way to do frames. Shapes gives you a lot of variety for frames--any color, any shape, with or without mattes. Play around, you will love it. Search for forum for shapes and look around in the gallery. Frilly Frames are my most favorite shape for frames of all. There are a lot of them to choose from in the store and I think there are some in the freebie section as well.
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