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    Question Share Your Story In The Groove

    Hello readers of The Groove, Scrapbook MAX!'s free monthly newsletter!

    These forums are a special place to get scrapbooking tips, freebies, and even to meet friends. We think it's so exciting to see how Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbooking software has played a role in bringing people together!

    We've noticed that there are several stories floating around these friendly forums about Scrapbook MAX! members arranging to meet in person while traveling. Have you met someone face to face through the Scrapbook MAX! forums? We'd love to hear your story and share it with others in The Groove (and hey - if you had some layouts commemorating the event, that would be great! )

    Share your Scrapbook MAX! story by emailing newsletter[at] and it may be published in an upcoming edition of The Groove!

    Thanks - and happy scrapping!

    Karin and Marnie
    Your Groove-y Editors

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    I think this is a great idea! Some of have met each other, and it was a wonderful experience! We're hoping more of us will be able to meet someday too.....

    In fact, we're current discussing putting together a meeting in about a year to 18 months. Most likely, we will do a Cruise. It is our hope to get as many as possible to plan on joining us! We realize that many of us are represented around the world, so we need all the time possible, to make plans.

    We'd love to have everyone from Scrapbook Max Headquarters join us! Details will be arranged later in the year!

    My Buddies are Maggie Mae, Knzus,Gotart, Patty, Mom7911, Winnie49, JAMIEPT, TWPClerk, and Poppabob


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