I wanted to thank Fiona for all her great Kits and I also wanted to show you that her kits can be mixed.I decided to do the kits I have and make this awesome layout of the baby.

Kit----Absolutely Quackers Revisited

I used the Quakers embellishments,frame and layered the backgrounds.

Kit---Snow Delightful

I used the swirly wind under the duck

Kit---Barely Gone

I used the pearls and bow

--- Stamped and Dated

I used the writting pen

--- Walls Of Frame

I used and cropped the little design under the frame


Ipused the envelope changed the color and used mosac on it.Since he is a boy I did not want to use the pink ha ha

Designer---Fiona Storey~Angelwithin Designs

Layout Designer ---Eye
The green paper I used my own mask on it.