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    Default weekly challenge 24 - scrap n scrabble!

    happy monday everyone

    for those who have been doing challenges for a while if you can remember back i told you to keep the beautiful alphabet handy that you recieved as a gift from NanaC95565 way back in week 5 ...well you may well need it this week

    this weeks challenge is a form of the game scrabble!

    you do not have to use the kit attached, you can make a version of your own, maybe you would like to make a crossword versions or use any other backgrounds you want but the idea of this challenge is to interlink alphabet letters or word arts around photographs to create a layout

    attached is a kit containing, a scrabble board background, alphabet in a scrabble style and some wordarts to help you


    1) Use interlinking letters or wordarts wrapped around photographs make a layout (or several )

    2) The page MUST have at least two interlinked words

    3) The Theme of the pages is INTERLINKED (this should give you a wide scope of ideas, from family links to well almost any link you can think of lol)

    4) All pages to be submitted by Saturday 26th April

    5) On Sunday 27th of April there will be a vote for the best pages - prizes will be given to those who get the most votes

    happy scrapping!!
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    Oh great, looks like a good one, have to get my thinking cap on.
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    Oh, oh, oh.... This is wonderful. I've been wanting to do something like this. Thanks Fiona. Great layout too! Lovely picture!!!

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    Thanks Fiona! Love scrabble. Let's Play!!!
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    ohh, this will be fun!

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    GD loving reading the book on potty training since she knows all about it. Made the double wordart with 2 interlinking words each. All items used are gifts from Fiona throughout the years - thanks.
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