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    Default Printing on archival paper vs photo paper?

    I am starting from scratch so have TONS to do. However i have literally 1,000's of dollars worth of nice stickers and embellishments i would still like to add.

    My question is, has anyone out there used these embellishments on photo paper? Seems like it would ruin the photo after a while. But at the same point, the archival paper seems like it just wouldnt last a life time.

    I know the important thing is backing them up on CD/dvd so my future generations can enjoy, but in the meantime, making neat pages is important, but i dont want to be 80 and have paper pages breaking down like my grandmothers old black paper (like construction paper) album pages of 80 yrs ago crumbling apart.

    Any advise? Plus, since i have so much the difference btw 100lb paper vs photo paper is about twice as much price wise, which is another thing to consider. Not to mention the quality of printing.


    I'll be sending my pages out for printing most likely, and the site i want to use has pages for 1.99 up to 6.50 (12x12 photo is 6.50) I can get linen paper pages in 12x12 for 4.50 and 100lb paper archival for 3.50 in 12x12. 8x8 is even cheaper ofcourse.

    thanks again

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    i don't use them on photo paper but what i do is print layouts on cardstock add photos to the photo areas and use the embellishments that way...i mainly make mini matchbook sized albums, gift boxes and cards this way as gifts for others

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    Great idea, angelwithin, I'll be doing that in future aswell.
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    but what about the drop and drag stuff, the pics are behind them, so if you print them plain, do you cut your shapes (need lots of percision)

    Basically i'd like to do the print with the photos already one them and then add the embellishments.

    I think the photo paper would be best, but if i use it, would the embellishments ruin them. And if i use paper, does it fade and breakdown?

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