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Thread: Just Memories:

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    Memories are Special! I know my mom lost her only sister/sibling about 7 years ago, and she still has her moments. They were very close.

    I had something happen a couple of days ago that touched me in a special way. I know I have shared that I had a son (Donnie) that died 27 years ago of a rare form of childhood cancer. The prognosis has been so bleak because it's truly considered the worse of all the cancers. I had prayed that I would live to see a cure of that cancer (neuroblastoma). Over the years, I have read and have kept up on progresses being made, but nothing encouraging, UNTIL NOW! On last Sunday, at the annual Cancer convention, it was annouced that they have made a major break through that could result in better prognosis and treatment for Neurablastoma. I read the report and I'm so encouraged!

    I miss my son and the years has helped with that healing but the fact that he died of something that is so terrible and nothing was available to save his life. My existence has been believing that something good has to come out of it. At this place in life, the only good to me would be a cure! I hope that we might see that in the near future.

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    Smile, thank you for sharing something so special with us. And you other folks too. I'm still mourning by grandma, who died 40 years ago. And it seems that in the last few weeks, I'm really missing my Dad. Is like, it wasn't real until now that he is really gone.

    Sharing you sorrow with all of you...

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    I know that for some people they find this depressing and I guess it is in a way. But for me it is remembering someone so special who lived and breathed on this earth. Who had a life that should not be forgotten. I guess what really got to me lately was a comment that was made on the news which said that in 150 years no one will remember any of us. But that is then and this is now. I have a picture of my two sisters and brother's whom I lost with cancer in the past 14 years. I talk to them at least once a week and try to remember when last we laughed together. They each in turn did what God put them here to do. I like to think that one part of that was to teach me what is good in my heart. So the heck with 150 years from now. We will carry this on. Please, I love your stories and lets let them live in our hearts. It is the least we can do..........xoxoxo

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    Isn't it good to have fun memories. I have many of my brother, mom and dad that I think of often. I have those miss you so much days frequently too. ((HUGS))

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    smile, thanks for sharing this, I am going through a few bad days at the moment, I lost my dad 3 years ago next month and my brother in July last year, his boys have no other family and I am their sounding block and their comfort.......sometime's i just want someone to listen to me.....but this thread has made me realise that i don't need anyone else to listen to me because i have the most amazing memories of my dad and my brother...and it's also made me realise that i don't always have to be the strong one i am allowed to cry also...thank you for this thread

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