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Thread: All Moved In

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    Jazz it is sooooo good to see you on here. You know how I feel---I am really overjoyed that you are settling in so nicely in your new home. And it is you who inspires so many of us by your strength and your beliefs. Lke I have said before-I wished we all lived closer to each other so we could help whenever it is needed. But know you are always in my thoughts and my prayers and are never alone!! Love ya girl!

    My Buddies are Marion, Kimbob, Jazziel (RIP), Wolvsie35, Crops2dawn, Makeyesup, Kazr, Moonfairy, Moonlightpearl, and scrappyaggie48

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    Jazzy just saying a hi and WELCOME BACK!! As you already know I've been on holiday- but wanted to say that it is just SO NICE to see you in the forum again! LOVE you girlfriend and so glad that it is working for you and the boys and that your health is improving all the time! You have a wonderful bunch of friends to lean on here and we are all still praying for you and your family-

    Forever in my heart - Jazzy


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