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Thread: For The Groove

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    Default For The Groove

    I wish that 'The Groove' has wider views/pages.
    So that we'll get bigger pictures of the beautiful layouts.
    Thank you Karin


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    Hi Omajo,

    Thanks for the suggestion - glad you like viewing layouts in The Groove.

    Have you tried clicking on the "thumbnail size" image in the newsletter? This does "blow up" the image somewhat.

    Again, thanks for your suggestion....duly noted!


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    Default Larger views from Thumbnails please!!

    I have to agree with Omajo. The layouts and thumbnails of the new kits look great. However, even clicking on the thumbnails to get a larger view does not unfortunately make them big enough for us who spend hours in front of our screens and are blind as bats to see clearly.

    I realise that you cannot make them too large, but please make the enlargements a little bigger and save us blind bats from having to get the magnifying glass out with the hearing aids. Sorry I have a terrible sense of humour

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