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  1. You can do the ribbon text on the bottom too,...

    You can do the ribbon text on the bottom too, just pull the middle dot towards the bottom. You can right click on the line where you want another dot to drag if you need to get more accurate shape. ...
  2. ISO Help making slide show for church projection screen

    I've got the new version of SB Max and we are going to make a slide show of pictures from the beginning to the end of our church building that we just completed. I thought SB Max would make a...
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    Thank you!!

    Thank you!!
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    a few questions about SB Max

    I read in the info about SBMax that you can print photobooks, but I didn't see where, and how much they are. Can you order them from anywhere? Can someone post a link?

    Is there any way to get...
  5. Thank you so much! I hate using up so much room...

    Thank you so much! I hate using up so much room on my computer. It doesn't have alot left. But my external is 500G
  6. Using Scrapbook Max with Creative Memories Memory Manager

    Is there an easy way to find the photos that you want to use in your Scrapbook Max books from CM Memory Manager?
  7. How do I set up for scrapbooks to save to external hard drive?

    I just installed the trial software and was wondering how to set it up so that it will save new scrapbooks to an external hard drive and then open them from there too?

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