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    printing question

    hi i have made a digital scrapbook page in scrapbook max and tried to look and search for the answer but no luck,what is the best paper to print out onto,and any think i should look for to make a...
  2. how do you get help is desmond and karin do not answer private messages about my

    computer issues with scrapbook maxi,i only sent them private messages because i was not able to get the answer from a post i put on the board,the post and the private messages were over a week ago.So...
  3. scapbook maxi 2 need to know how many computers can i load it into as mine has

    gone in for repair for at least 2 weeks.,i am using my husbands laptop but am wondering if i load it on it and keep it on the pc when it comes back what about if in the future i get a laptop can i...
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    titles in scrapbooking page

    Do you normally put shadows behind a title on a scrapbook page,have started a digital page after thinking about doing so for ages even though i have the software so started at the weekend,just not...
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