Welcome old & new CT

  1. angelwithin
    Hi ladies

    Welcome back Eye and hello to my newest CT members, I hope you enjoy playing with and advertising my kits.
    I don't expect you to worry or get upset in any way, if you can not manage to make the 2 pages a week from 1 kit, just message me, I understand life & ill health can get in the way of scrapping time (I've not scrapped properly in a while bcause of life & illness) If you can't manage just talk to me, we can work things out, I have several CT members on an extended break at the moment and over the years 8 of have left to become scrapbook designers, 4 of which work on this site

    this is where you can leave the links to the new pages you have made so I can see them, I am starting a blog page too for my scrapping so I will be uploading all your pages there, providing that is ok with everyone, it will be easier for me to find all the pages if the links are posted here

    love & blessings
    Fiona xxx
  2. angelwithin
    When you are posting a page could you credit something like this:

    Designer: Fiona Storey - Angelwithin Designs
    Kit: (name of kit here)
    Layout Designer: (your name here)
    Link to purchase: (Link to the page it can be purchased in store)

    I know some sites will not allow external links, if you post on one of these site just put 'Scrapbook Max' if you are allowed too do so.

    I do allow my CT to share the kits they receive to one friend or family member, all I ask is you please make sure they credit the pages if they post them online.
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