Extractions with Max Version 2

  1. Carena
    I've posted a tutorial on extractions here:
  2. Carena
    Linking frames with Extractions

    Ok after some playing around here are frames lilnked. This is just a quick layout in order to show the linking - for demo purpose only.

    It's easy enough to do when linking vertical or horizontal. I placed frames approxiamately (LOL not very well as you can see from the top frame LOL) and then on the top right frame - I erased across and played around with sizing it to suit the width of the other frame. Looks pretty good I think.
    Hope this helps.

    Credits Kit: Spring Meadow Part A & B by Carena's Designs
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  3. Carena
    VickyLynn asked about changing colours on parts of photos. So here is what I've done.

    VickyLynn Question:
    Is there a way ?
    Is there a way to brighten or alter just one part of a photo, for instance if you want to make the eyes really bright

    Carena reply
    Actually I think there is a way if you have the New Version 2.
    You'd have to have 2 photos - one exactly on top of the other - then use the erasor to extract the area you want - ie. the eyes and then you could play with the advanced colour options. I'd perhaps go for a brighter colour than you require and then change the opacity on that layer - to tone it down to a more acceptable natural looking colour.
    Good luck - love to see what you come up with.

    Here is my result - done very quicky - original photo of Caitlyn - she has blue eyes and I've changed to green.
    My result
  4. eye
    Thanks Carena.I must give it a try this evening.
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