black with a touch of color

  1. eye


    To start,open the picture you want to recolor.
    You're going to copy the image and paste as a new image by using shortcuts.Use Ctl A (select all),Ctrl C (copy selection), and Ctrl V ( paste as a new image).
    So now you have the copy of the picture on top.Go to the image at the top, and then select grayscale.

    The copy should be black and white.You'll want to use shortcuts agaun & copy it to your orighinal picture.Ctrl A, Ctrl C and then go back to the original picture and do Ctrl L ( copies as a new layer on your original). You are ready to bring in the color.

    Whip out the eraser tool and erase away what you want to be in color.You'll have to play with the size of the eraser and zoom in and out of the picture to get details.
  2. Carena
    Cool Eye - thanks for this. For anyone using Scrapbook Max which doesn't have an erasor - you can get something similar to a degree by doing the same two layers and then adjusting the black and white one transparency to allow some of the colour to come through (this allows colour thru-out the entire image - selective colours aren't possible unless you use a shape on your image but this is near impossible to get a shape where you might want it). Anyway - it's possible in some ways. Hope this helps those with Scrapbook Max software.
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