Challenge Ideas

  1. pickngrin
    have you done recipe pages yet?
  2. angelwithin
    great ideas pick....i did the recipe one and it went down like a lead balloon but i'll try some of the others
  3. pickngrin
    How about this? Four seasons.. The layout would sort of look like 4 squares. Each square would be a season with one photo, 1 paper, how many ever embellishments with journaling in the center.
  4. pickngrin
    Scrap something you have an obsession with. It could be a favorite food, drink, color, person, hobby, favorite movie, music something you collect...anything!
    We could learn things about each other this way, something we might not know otherwise.
  5. Scrappyfrog
    I would like to see a journaling challenge. We have so many great layouts...the captions typed in when downloaded are great but no journaling on the page (I'm as guilty of this as anyone!). More journaling!
  6. pickngrin
    I got some: LOL

    1. Pick a member, should be one who posts layouts often and with different styles and scrap lift that members layouts. Say we did you Fiona. we would all go to your gallery, find a layout we would like to lift and then, well, lift it. In the gallery we should post a small thumbnail of the layout belonging to you for credit and then our version of it.

    2. A page concentrating on your name (or username). Then then name would have to be in alpha's (no typed fonts) then explain your name or tell a little about it.

    3. Our hometown

    4. Specifics: meaning we have to use x amount of papers, x amount of say frames, x amount of alphas and so on.

    5. Scrap a magazine cover. Try to make up a realistic magazine with articles that would actually be in that magazine.

    6. Make an ad, like for clothing or cooking or whatever. Use other advertisements as inspiration. Try to make them as realistic as possible, pretend you are submitting to an actual magazine.
  7. scrapaholicsherry
    How about doing a fairy tale love story challenge where you pick any fairy tale love story & put your own interpretation to it! It could be from anywhere, tv, movies or real life, for example, your ancestors', grandparents', parents', sisters', friends', etc.
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