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  1. sacannon
    Ok, Carena wanted me to explain how I did the layout with Kari in the picture 3 times.

    1. I extracted Kari from 3 pictures. The center picture of Kari I only extracted from her knee's up. This was to help align the Extracted picture over the full picture.

    2. I used the picture with Kari in the center for the background picture.

    3. I placed the frame over the picture.

    4. I placed the top left extracted picture of her leaning against the tree first. Her legs were over top her head in the back ground picture. Her head extends over the frame.

    5. I placed the middle extracted picture overtop the original and over top of the top left picture (covering up her legs). I used the hemline as a guide to line up the extracted picture with the original.

    6. Last, I placed the bottom right extracted picture with the bottom portion hanging over the frame.

    Then I just finished out with the paper (sending it to the back). You could do this first but I wasn't sure what paper I was going to use. Then added the embies.

    It was very easy to do. If you know how to do extractions, you can do this!
  2. O2BNGdHope
    For the "pencil" drawing in my Sweet Baby layout, I followed, mainly, a tutorial from Duckettphoto. I used PSE5 for this.

    1.I went to Enhance>Unsharp Mask.
    2.Then desaturated the photo by clicking Enhance>Adjust color>Remove color.
    3.Then used the Dodge Tool set at Midtones 50%. I used a very large brush set at about 850 and circled around the exterior of the photo to remove most of the background color (it was nearly black). Then went over the baby lightly, staying away from the eyes, nose and mouth, to remove any shadows and lighten the skin.
    4.Select the lasso Tool and select fairly closely (doesn't have to be exact) around the eyes, nose and mouth.
    5. Select>Inverse to select everthing BUT the eyes, nose and mouth.
    6. Then Select>Feathering set at about 50 pixels.
    7.Then use Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur.
    8.Then Select>Inverse to Re-select the eyes, nose and mouth and do another unsharp mask and you're done.

    I wish I had selected closer around the eyes and nose than what I did but as I said it doesn't have to be exact. You just want to be sure to get under the eyebrows and closely around the nose nostrils. My circle here was too large and there isn't a big enough difference between the nose and mouth. Only takes a couple minutes to do it all and it looks like a pretty cool pencil drawing.

    *Update: Tried this on a different pic and selected closer around the eyes and nose. Much better, I think. Put the new photo above. Sweet Baby is in my member gallery.
  3. sacannon
    Just a tip that I find helpful. When working on a photo... extracting or adjusting how ever, I enlarge the photo so the detail is much clearer for working on. When I am finished I resize back to the original size (Or to what ever size I want) before saving.
  4. Carena
    HINT: This comes from scrappyfrog - Seen it in a post in the forum and decided to add it here. It's something I didn't know but I think it would work perfectly.

    Just a little hint on sepia tones. You sometimes get a better effect if you make your photo or other item grayscale first, then sepia.

    Melanie - just printed your tutorial out and will have to give it a go I think. Loved the effect and thanks for sharing with us. Anyone else going to give it go. I have CS2 but can apply it to that program easy enough.

    Sue - thanks for the details on your layout - It gives a greater appreciation for a layout knowing just how much trouble a person goes to making it. Alot of work but WOW what a result - Excellent. Hope we are going to see more.

    OK Done - take a look here:
    or pictured above now.
  5. eye
    Girls all of these are stunning.I am anxious to get started.
  6. pkdoll
    WOW! I haven't been here is quite some time and it sure is active. Thank you girls for all the mini tuts-they are fantastic. Melanie I was hoping you would tell us how to do the pencil sketch like yours. And Sue thank you for the info on your page of your niece. I am going to have to make a point of getting in here at least weekly if not daily!!
  7. nanwu
    wow, haven't been in here.....well.....pretty much since it first started....but will be dropping in on a regular basis from now on....fantastic group..thanks to everyone for all the great ideas
  8. Carena
    Tulip Layout by Carena
    This layout is done using only the December Challenge Freebie by Carena (me) and also done with Scrapbook Max Software.

    How did I do it?
    The photo overlay is done by 1. lower opacity to about 1/2 (depends on your photo) 2. Used a shape from my shapes previously provided in elements or templates (LOL not sure where now)
    3. Changed to greyscale 4. I applyed advanced Oil Painting - Brush Size 5, density 128 and blend edges.

    The colour photo is the original photo as it was.

    Text was done and copied, changed the colour on the copy, and repeated with each layer moved a little up and to the right to give the stepped look.

    Hope this helps people with some ideas. Enjoy
  9. eye
    To turn a photo with a tad of color.

    If you have a program example photoshoppe or any other.

    1--I pick the photo I want and bring it into the program.

    2--Use Ctrl A(select all),Ctrl C (copy selection),and Ctrl V(paste as new image)

    3--So now you have two photos.Go to the Image at the top,and then slect grayscale.The copy should now be in black and white.

    4--You will want to use the shortcuts again & copy it to your original picture.Ctrl A,Ctrl C and then go back tooriginal picture and do Ctrl L(copies as your new layer on your original).

    5--Your now ready to bring in the color.
    Whip out the eraser tool and erase away what you want to be in color.You will have to play with the size of the eraser and zoom in and out of your picture to get detail.
  10. omajo
    I applyed advanced Oil Painting - Brush Size 5, density 128 and blend edges.

    Carena, just like to ask you, did you it in PS or Max, cause i couldn't find how to adjust the brush size and density, thanks
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