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  1. Carena
    OK I finally got there - So you have to start an album on your home page area and then add to here also. Anyway whatever I did - I finally got one here. LOL. Thanks for the help. Awesome page by the way. Well done with the extraction in the forground. Well done - please won't you leave it here in the album. Lovely
  2. fourfoxes
    I followed the directions Sue so that I could see if I could do it. It worked but now if I want to remove it . . . can that be done? I'll send you a pm
  3. Texaslady
    I would like to join the group,how do I do it?
  4. sacannon
    You just did, welcome!
  5. sacannon
    To answer Debby's (fourfoxes) question, yes. To delete a picture/album you added above, click on the picture, click on edit picture, then click the delete option.

    When you add an album here, it also adds it to an "album" section in your Profile. If you want to delete it there too, you have to click on the picture there to delete it.
  6. Vanessa
    My oh my, I haven't called in here for a little while and everyone has been busy. I just love your Romance layout Carena, your overlay is very effective and Sue the sunrise over Erie with the crane on the rocks is wonderful.
  7. Carena
    Girls - freebie from the groove newsletter is from me this month - November - Can't wait to see what you all come up with. Also looks like I may be hosting the Monthly Challenge for December - I'll have to put my thinking cap on for that one and surprise you all. (yet to be confirmed)
  8. fourfoxes
    Thanks Sue!
  9. sacannon
    Thanks Vanessa and you are welcome Debby!
  10. eye
    oh got somehomework to do.Willhave a few days off and will try some stuff.
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