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  1. sacannon
    Some styles can only be used when making word art depending on which version of PSE you have. Others can be used on other things. I have changed the colors a couple of ways.

    1. You can select the portion you want to change the color of (magic wand or lasso loop) then add a layer. You can then fill the selected area with the color you want, then lower the opacity until you can see the selected area underneath. You may have to add additional layers and repeat the same. (If you are changing the color of the whole area, you can skip the selection part)

    2. You can save your project. Then re-open it. Select the area again.
    Go to "Enhance", "Adjust Color", "Color Variations", then adjust to your liking.

    You can also adjust the lighting or use other color filters. "Curves" is one of many. You can search on the internet for free filters for adobe.

    You can also layer different styles for different effects, (lower the opacity to your liking of the added styles for the layer underneath to show through. Some styles won't change just the selected area, they will change everything, that is why you have to add a layer.

    Sometimes I have to fill the selected area with a color and completely lower the opacity, then add a style to it and lower the opacity of the style.

    I hope I didn't totally confuse you! There are probably other ways of doing this, maybe someone else will add their way of doing it.
  2. Vanessa
    Mel, I have seen somewhere, don't ask me where at the moment, I will have to find it, some hints and tips for using styles, i.e. how to change the colour etc. I will get back to you on this.
  3. Vanessa
    I knew I had seen something on styles around. There is a little tut on how to use styles on the KJoi Studios site (,5111.0.html). Have a look at it. It might be what you are after.
  4. sacannon
    Vanessa, I checked that link and it is about adjusting styles using the fx feature which I use too. It is a great feature and very useful, but I think the only color options in it is for the glow effect and stroke effect, I don't think it will change the color of the style itself, but I could be wrong.
  5. Carena
    Changing colours in styles - you sometimes need to rasterize the layer which will remove the fx style area presets and then go into fx area and use colour overlays etc. OR you can change via hues - one of my favourite methods as you can adjust one colour at a time or all at once.

    Looks like I need to pop in here more often. LOL Give me a prod via personal message so I know you have a question. Would it be great if we got a email when someone posts something here. Oh well - I'll keep on wishing. Hugs to all and thanks Vanessa and sacannon for your help once again.
  6. omajo
    Carena or other friends, question from me. can we rotate the image of a brush in PS ? Not with the scattered option, but to the excact position. Thanks for your help
  7. Carena
    Yes you can rotate brushes - yet again on my favourite place for tutorial I found the perfect tutorial for everyone useing Photoshop.
    Take a look here:
    Even I learnt something new and it's really easy to follow as you can see what they do and replay as many times as you need to and save to favourites.
  8. Carena
    Scrapbook Max Tutorial for photo overlays on paper.
    Example layout here:

    Now How I Did It
    This is a really easy to do and everyone can do it with Scrapbook Max.
    Using a lighter plain texture paper for the background. Then choose your photo and place onto page. I changed the opacity slider - slide to just under the "e" in transparent. You may need to experiment with this depending on your photo and the paper used. I then changed to Sepia tone (under effects > sepia).
    That's it really. I enlarged the photo to fill most of the page. If you don't do this you will see the edge of the photo or you will need to hide it by placing elements over it to cover. If anyone has any questions - feel free to message me. If you leave a message here I don't get any notification and it may be a while before I'm aware of you problem.
    Hope this helps and inspires a few layouts. Remember to direct people here to our little group if you do a layout and put into gallery - lets help others by sharing our knowledge. Hugs and enjoy from Carena
  9. Carena
    OK - Need some help guys. Can someone tell me how to add an image to our Group Pictures area above. Can't work it out. LOL Need some help. Just wanting to add my last tutorial picture to our group.
  10. sacannon
    Ok, I did it. I will leave my layout in until you check it out.
    1. Click "Add Pictures"
    2. A window will open that says "Add pictures to group" Click on the word "Albums" that is underlined.
    3. Click on "Add Album"
    4. Type the name of the album in the Title Box, then click submit.
    (I created an album called "Test" in order to try this, then moved one of my layouts to it)
    5. Click on the line that says "Click here to upload pictures!"
    6. Browse for the Album, then click upload pictures.
    7. Click save changes.
    8. Click "Add pictures to a group"
    9. Check the box next to the picture, Click the drop arrow to select the group, then click "Add pictures"

    You are done!
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