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  1. Carena
    OK - as promised - here is the link in the embellishment area for the sparkle I made. ENJOY
  2. Vanessa
    Carena, don't you have a facility in PS where you can save very small pictures that you use over and over. In PSP they are called tubes and I use them for things like sparkles, copyrights, chain links etc. They are scalable and you can also drag the tube across the page, (depending on your setting) to have numerous continuous copies of the little graphic. For me this saves having to save something like a sparkle as a brush
  3. Carena
    Hi Vanessa - Photoshop has brushes which can be sized, coloured, scattered and all sorts of wonderful things. I did the sparkle in PNG format for those who don't have the more expensive programs like Photoshop. I have a number of other sparkle brushes I've downloaded in the past but it was kind of fun making it from scratch.
  4. Vanessa
    One of these days I am going to have to have a look at PS just to see how different it is from PSP. Sounds like your brushes do what my brushes and tubes combined do.
  5. eye
    I never seen this site.Wow.
  6. eye
    Emboss Page - instructions.
    1. Over a plain white page I brought my photo of Caitlyn in and sized it.
    2 Copy the photo so they are laying one on top of the other exactly.
    3 on one copy double click -change opacity to 75%
    4 click effects and change to sepia tone (bottom copy after completed)
    5 send it to back so 2nd copy is now on top.
    6 second copy double click and change opacty to 25%
    7 go to effects - advanced and click emboss
    8 I used these levels: Light angel 50 degrees, light height at 35 degrees and depth to 20 click apply and then click apply again. The image will look quite black and like concrete very rough.(setting are adjustable to you likes and may depend on the photo used)
    9 add your own elements to your page. Remember you can overhang them over the edge of page - the excess is cut off when you publish or save.

    What does #8 mean and where do you find this.I did all the steps except this one
  7. Vanessa
    Carena, do people who use PS create "misted images" like I do in PSP?

    I use my freehand selection tool (I think you refer to it as a lassoo) and then using a feather of about 30-60 px I select the picture I want and progressively feather and delete the outer edges until I get
    a) an image with a background that fades to nothing and blends well over backgrounds, or
    b) I also use the same technique, taking the feathering back to the edge of images I want to extract because to me it gives a smoother and less jagged edge than using an eraser tool.

    I use this technique for all my extractions. For me it is easier and takes a fraction of the time that doing it with the eraser does.
  8. Vanessa
    Eye, (8 in Carena's embossing tut) would refer to the dialogue box that appears when she goes to effects and emboss. If however you use PSP, you do not get this dialogue box, going to effects, and emboss just applies a standard inverse emboss effect, sort of like the image you would see on a dirty coin rather than a new shiny one.
  9. eye
    GOTCHA and thanks Vanessa.I was using the scrapbook program.Like your other tips.I remember it took me 13 staight hours on my first extraction.Now it takes me minutes.I got pretty fast at it.
  10. O2BNGdHope
    Question for anyone: How do I use "styles" in PSE but make them in MY colors? I liked how a particular style looked but it changes the colors to match the style, instead of the colors I want to use. I've never used the styles before because of this. So what's the purpose of them?
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