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  1. sacannon
    Just been a little busy here. Working on a deck. I have been checking in from time to time. But haven't done a whole lot. Just finished a layout for the Groove Challenge though.
  2. Vanessa
    It's lovely Sue. I know you have made the frame from your flag, but how did you make the frame itself? I do like it.
  3. Carena
    02BNG - There are lots of ways to do out of bounds effects. They way I've described is the way I do it as most times I use PSD templates to work with and I group the photo down to the template mat shape which then removes all the outer edge that overlays the frame. Hope this makes sense. LOL . So then I have to have the second copy of the photo on the top to then do the out of bounds effect and that is when I erase everything that is on the out edges that I don't want and leave the foot or whatever it is I want to stick out. I only erase what it sticking out around the edge - the center I leave as it is sitting exactly over the the original picture and doesn't make any difference.
    This works fine but if you want to place a shadow on it then you run into trouble - If I want a shadow I apply shadow then seperate the shadow layer from it and erase the shadow area I don't want to show. But that starts to get quiet complicated and goes a little more beyond basic - but still quiet easy once you know how.
    One thing I've found doing tutorials etc that everyone has a different way of doing things and no one way is wrong = just you're preference.
    If you want heaps of tutorials do a search on on photoshop tutorials - there are thousand and all easy to follow as you see what they do. Hugs to everyone. Love Carena
  4. pkdoll
    I thought I would pop in and say hi everyone. I have been really busy with grandkids visiting from out of state and life in general. But I do check in here every so often to see how things are going and if there is any tut I could use. Talk to you soon.
  5. OnieRN
    Hello everyone, thought I would check this out..... especially since I have been going nuts trying to find a way to get pics of this DVD of my nieces wedding. I've had NO LUCK! She has some beautiful pics that were taken by her girlfriend. DVD was made by the girlfriend. So, I know there are no copyright issues or some block by a company.
  6. sacannon
    Vanessa, Sorry I was out of commission for a while. Actually I used a Frame edge shape with 3 different colors of paper and adjusted the sizes so they all showed. Sorry I don't remember now wich Frame edge I used.
  7. omajo
    I just know about this group, I love it. Especially Carena's hint, for seeking tutorials in You Tube, I went there and found so many,........for PS, then I search for RDP too, not alot there. But I found how to make glitters, its quite easy. I've tried it for my signature and is now in SBM. Its not perfect yet, but I'm quite excited,.will modify it, ...I like to make glitters/sparkles on picture. Need some advice, thanks !
  8. gtravis54
    Hello everyone, I just love Carena's artwork, so I hope it's ok for me to join this group. Can someone tell me how to add the picture from my profile to the group?
    Thanks, gtravis54
  9. Vanessa
    I take it you mean at the top with the member pictures. Well if you click on view all members, your picture is there, but I don't know why only 10 of 24 members are showing in the members box.
  10. Carena
    Hi to everyone. Boy have I been busy and it's only going to get worse as I'm considering selling on a major commercial designers site for commercial use products.
    Anyway,gtravis54 a very warm welcome to our little group and yes as Vanessa said - your image is there when you view all members and no, I don't why we only have a few images showing above. Nevermind, we know you are here.

    Omajo - need a tutorial for sparkles - had a quick look and found this one.
    Take a look but you might like to view it a few times before trying it out. (photoshop users). It could also be done with colours - not just white. I think if you wanted to save it as a brush you'd need to make it in black and save as a brush. Then use the brush to any colour you want. Also best to make it bigger rather than smaller and resize later - you can downsize but will loose quality if you upsize.
    In fact I might give it a try myself tonight and share with everyone. Also hopefully will have more tutorials and ideas for you all soon.
    Does anyone have anything that you want to know about (within reason OK. LOL) Either message me or post here and if I can't answer, someone else may be able to help
    Regards Carena
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