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  1. Carena
    Wow ladies - this is awesome sharing. Thank you so much for sharing what and how you have made your layouts. It brings a whole new understanding and appreciatation of the hard work that goes on behind those awesome layouts. My hope is that this group by sharing our secrets and hints and tips, as a group we can all learn new ideas and techniques together. Excellent work everyone, but lets not rest there - keep them coming and lets explore together. Hugs from Carena
  2. Sherrie
    Hello All,
    I am just starting with digital scrapbooking, and think this will be the perfect place to learn.

  3. Vanessa
    Welcome Sherrie, please feel free to ask if you are unsure how anything is done. We all love to share.
  4. Vanessa
    I love using multiple layers of paper and shapes. Here is a really easy template made using:

    1. a background paper (just for once I used a kit paper)
    2. a tartan seamless tile that was used to fill my lacy edged shape, which was then rotated to the left 15 degrees
    3. a divider tag - I applied a gold border to it and filled it with black to match my brackets
    4. several bracket shapes that I used as frames - The brackets were made using the French Script Font at about 300px and further enlarged until the right size. The individual brackets were rotated to differing degrees for effect and,
    5. a fancy edged photo frame that I texturised using a coarse paper texture.

    It was incredibly simple to do - does not utilise any outside filters and was loads of fun to make.

    I have had to post the picture here because when I put the link in it isn't going anywhere.
  5. Carena
    Very cool Vanessa - those bracket shapes could be done by anyone using SBM software - via using a font like you mentioned. By using a single bracket and repeating and then turning to place into position will end up giving the full frame look.
    Hi to Sherrie and welcome to our little group. Great to have you here.
    I'll be away on holiday soon - 30 June till 23 July but if you have something to share - please do. I will pop in from time to time and check what everyone's up to. LOL. Hugs from Carena
  6. Vanessa
    Here we go - more shapes. This is my Week 29 challenge entry. The hardest part of this scrap was making the background paper. The gold overlay on the background was made using brushes and then incorporated merged into the background. My shape was filled with a white on white gradient and rotated 45 degrees. The brackets top and bottom of the photos were made using French Script font.

    The photo frames were filled using a gold foil tile and then texturised. The wrap around bow was a bit fiddly to do but worth it. The photos started out as colour photos which I took back to greyscale and then I increased the colour depth to 64 million colours before pulling them into my scrapbook. This is quite important because if you don't do this before importing your pictures then the picture properties affect the rest of your scrapbook. (i.e. turn the whole thing greyscale). Added a few cross stitches and I was done.
  7. O2BNGdHope
    Just a quick note about changing any striped paper to plaid. Bring the stripe paper into SBM. Then bring the same paper in again but rotate it 90 degrees and place over the first. Then bring the opacity down to about 50%. The look of the plaid will change with regard to how much of the opacity you remove. Also, as another variation, after rotating, make sure the "keep aspect" is UNchecked and squeeze the paper together and add a couple more of the same striped paper this way and the plaid lines will be different thicknesses. Check out my plaid paper. The vertical stripe just wouldn't have looked as good.
  8. O2BNGdHope
    Question for Carena: On your Photoshop Out of Bounds tutorial, It says "lower the opacity of the top layer" and erase with a large brush. Does this mean I erase everything in the top photo layer EXCEPT the foot? I always thought the OOB's were done be erasing the frame where I wanted it to pop out. I haven't yet attempted any OOB's, that's just the way I thought they were done. So once again, which layer am I erasing on and how much am I erasing?
  9. Vanessa
    Mel, everyone does this differently I guess. Like you, I select for example the foot using my freehand selection tool, then float it, go to the frame layer and erase so that I have the right amount of frame removed. To me this is by far the easier way to do it.
  10. Vanessa
    You girls are all very very quiet - gone on strike or something??
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