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  1. *eng*
    Ooh great idea Carena....this will be a busy place
  2. Carena
    OK - time to challenge our little group. LOL
    For those with Scrapbook Max program - I want to see shapes used in layouts. I don't see anywhere enough of them in the layouts. Use shapes for your papers as well as photos. A simple shape used on a paper like a heart can add so much to your layouts. Looking forward seeing those layouts.

    Photoshop users and anyone with programs that you can extract with - I want to see "out of bounds". That's were photos overflow out of the picture. Like the Vanessa dog layout I did with the paw sticking out of the picture.

    How do I do it?
    1. get your photo and position it in the frame. (don't more it now)
    2. duplicate the photo and place it above the frame (sandwich style - photo, frame and photo on top)
    3. I usually change the opacity of the photo on top so I can see where I have to work to and where the framing is.
    4. I erase the largest part of the photo I don't require with a large brush.
    5. Fine work - use a smaller brush and erase around the foot or whatever I want to have "out of bounds" For something without hard edges I use a soft brush (fuzzy/soft edges). You can adjust the opacity at this stage so you can see the edges better.
    6 Bring your top photo back to 100% normal again, and there you have it. Out of Bounds Layout.
    7 Finally upload to the gallery and sit back and enjoy all the compliments.

    Lets work together and explore new things and challenge ourself and others. Any problems with instructions - feel free to message me. Hugs
  3. sacannon
    This is cool, I love using shapes and out of bounds!
  4. sacannon
    Here is one I just did.

    I extracted Kari and the tree from the picture, and placed it on the layout page stretching it top to bottom. Then I brought in the original picture (placed it under the extraction) and cropped off the outer edges of the original so that it was smaller than the extraction, then resized it to fit directly under the extraction (Making sure the extraction of Kari covered the Original picture of Kari). Then I brought in a frame and placed it over the original but under the extraction.

    Hope that makes sense!
  5. Vanessa
    What a great idea Carena. I love shapes, layers of shapes. Will give it some thought, but I have been extra busy today, doing what I should have done ages ago - Cleaning up all the rubbish I accumulate on my H/D and backing up, so could be a day or two before anything appears.
  6. pkdoll
    Oooh! Carena thank you for all this. I can't wait to try these out!!
  7. sacannon
    Here is another. I used Moonbeams Denim Dazzle for this one. (didn't use a shape in this one though)
  8. crops2dawn
    I really should check this out more often....LOL I never even knew this existed....thanks Carena for all your helpful tips!!!
  9. Vanessa
    I have done this picture of my grandchildren, using no external plugin filters. It is basically comprised of three circle shapes layered and texturised. The top circle was used to cut the same shape out of the second circle, thereby giving a quarter moon shape. When I placed the main picture, I had a bit of fun with the extraction. I wove it in and out of the frame and the second shape layer. As they say, making extracted pictures is the easy part, it's what you do with it afterwards that taxes the brain.
  10. Wickel
    Here's one I did of my neice.........
    1st......I extracted the photo
    2nd.....I place the extracted photo on the page
    3rd.....I picked the frame I wanted to use and placed that on the page
    4th.....I placed another copy of the extracted photo on top of the original extraction making sure to match up lines on the bike and...
    Waaa laaaaaaa she's popping thru the frame
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